Glennen Fahey in Peer Gynt

Endangered Productions is delighted to have Glennen Fahey in the cast of Peer Gynt.  Glennen is an actor who has adapted his approach after an accident that caused a brain injury resulting in memory loss.

Read an in-depth interview with Glennen here



An accomplished actor in his own right, Glennen began his career in television nearly four decades ago.  He has since worked on a wide variety of shows, including Cop ShopHome and AwayPrisonerVoyage into Fear, The Flying Doctors, A Country PracticeInfinity Limited, Neighbours, Bellamy, Rafferty’s Rules, and My Brother Tom.

He also has extensive experience on the stage, having participated in years of Theatre in Education and such productions as Hamlet, Macbeth, As We UnderstoodOpening DoorsNone Such, and The Backwards Sideways Upside-Down Show, as well as having dabbled on the big screen, in films including Get Away, Get AwayPharlapEncounters, and Dags.

Glennen is also the co-founding host of a podcast called Fifty First Episodes, sharing stories about his life and journey to recover his memory."