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No. 11 - it's so last century. we did it!

February 2024

In November 2023, we took a risk with our 'It's So Last Century' production and its four mid-20th Century musical gems. It paid off. The enthusiasm and commitment of our audiences and Company makes us try the impossible (or at least the extremely challenging).

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No. 10 - Peer Gynt opens! Thanks to all.

July 2022

Capacity audiences gave Peer Gynt a standing ovations each night. The show couldn't have happened without our incredible community of supporters - ticket buyers, donors, and volunteers. Have a look at our Company in action and responses from audience and critics.

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No. 9 - One week to go!

June 2022

Peer Gynt is 7 days away. Aubrey Mellor, Australian theatre legend, has been mentoring our Artistic Director Christine Logan for the production. We asked for his reflections on this masterwork by Ibsen and Grieg. This is what he said.

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No. 8 - it's coming together!

June 2022

Interviews with two cast members from our production of Peer Gynt - Milan Mahdavi who plays several roles including the Arabian Dancer, and Alan Faulkner, our Troll King, who brings decades of professional experience. We also explore 5 good reasons to hear Grieg's music again.

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No. 7 - Four weeks to go! Cast interviews & peek at rehearsals

Late may 2022

Interviews with two cast members from our production of Peer Gynt - respected actor Elaine Hudson who plays Peer's mother Aase, and Glennen Fahey who is reclaiming his acting craft after a brain injury that left him with short-term memory challenges. We take a sneak peak at rehearsals in the 'Hall of the Mountain King' and see performers get into character as they are fitted with their costumes.

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No. 6 - Interview: Philippe Klaus as Peer Gynt

Early may 2022

We meet Philippe Klaus in an interview in about playing the title role in Peer Gynt. We also see him re-enacting Peer's shipwreck for our publicist. What a professional! He is really ready to sacrifice for his art! We also probe the mystery of 2B pencils.

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No. 5 - peer gynt arrives

march 2022

Dates and venue are finally set for our major production Peer Gynt - four performances from 30 June to 3 July at Paddington RSL. Ibsen's iconic play explores the mystical world of Trolls as well as faraway places. We combine both in a fun Troll challenge.

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No. 4 - Shaken & stirred!

July 2021

We were happy with the success of our Mozart and Bach double bill Double Trouble in Sydney. So were audiences and reviewers! We featured our soloists, ever-growing band of volunteers and paid professional musicians. We look forward to taking the production Bach to the Bush in September.

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No. 3 - We're Bach!!!

May 2021

We reflected on our performance of the 'Coffee Cantata' and Peer Gynt excerpts in Taree and the tiny town of Bobin. These were the first two shows in our 'Bach to the Bush' Tour to rural NSW. We also report on the splendid Nordic Noir shows, give a shout out to playwright Fredrik Brattberg, and announce Double Trouble, our upcoming Mozart and Bach double bill.

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No. 2 - Gladys says no singing and dancing.

September 2020

We explored 'The subtle art of translation' with our resident Ibsen expert May-Brit Akerholt and took the 'troll challenge', making wierdly beautiful troll-head props for our Peer Gynt herd girls (see photo). Music Director Peter Alexander went into more depth about the Coffee Cantata with 'A look under the hood at the music'. We found an unexpected Harry Potter connection!

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'Arabian Dance' - Peer Gynt

No. 1 - We are soldiering on. Safely!

July 2020

Reeling from the impact of Covid 19 on our live performances, we reported on socially-distanced rehearsals of Peer Gynt and mused on the prescience of Henrik Ibsen and his play's modern relevance. We also profiled our very own Peer - singer Michael Handy, and taste-tested a Norwegian delicacy - Brunost!

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