Endangered Productions is about music theatre

We are a not-for-profit, professional theatre company presenting neglected music theatre treasures in intimate, innovative productions. We have decades of experience in theatre, dance, design and music, and the time and energy to share our skills with others who want to learn.


what we do

Endangered Productions mounts intimate, innovative productions of rarely-performed music theatre classics using experienced and inexperienced performers. 

We pride ourselves on high quality performances that respect the original intent and integrity of the creator while keeping the work relevant to 21st Century audiences often integrating contemporary ideas and issues.

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who we are

Endangered Productions began life when a group of baby boomers worked together on The Yeomen of The Guard and The Beggar’s Opera for FAMS – a community theatre based on the Northern Beaches of Sydney.

The artistic success of these shows demonstrated there was a demand in Sydney for quality music theatre using original scripts and scores respectfully adapted and arranged to suit intimate theatres.

Our skills, experience, time and enthusiasm proved to be a winning combination. After years of meeting professional and personal commitments (some in the arts, others in less likely fields), members are now using the second half of their lives to explore with others their love of theatre, dance, design and music.


about our team

We harness the power of skilled, often retired, mentors to grow performers and help volunteers learn other aspects of music theatre production.

Inspired by the national campaign for older Australians,  ‘Every Age Counts’ - the Endangered Productions team  wants to shift the negative discourse on ageing and what it means to be an older version of ourselves. We want to help raise the profile of older Australians - to be proud of our age, venture into new dimensions and use our experience to develop skills in ourselves and others.

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Our social inclusion program

We believe it takes a myriad of talents to create a show. Our Social Inclusion Program is for those who dont necessarily fit into boxes. We develop the skills of people with intellectual or physical disabilities, mental health problems or who are socially isolated. We provide a welcoming, inclusive community as part of our live theatre productions.

For our upcoming Peer Gynt Production, we will engage a facilitator to coordinate and develop creative pathways for special needs participants.

We are looking for supporters for this project. You will receive regular updates and offers to join in projects.

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Want to join us?

We welcome all kinds of volunteers. There are opportunities for volunteers to learn and share skills our upcoming production of Peer Gynt. We particularly welcome skilled creative, perhaps retired, Super Citizens who are willing to act as mentors.

Our productions will also provide work opportunities for professional musicians, singers, and actors.

We love sponsors.  By becoming a private or corporate sponsor you will contribute to the creation of quality, accessible music theatre in Sydney. Contact us and we will get back to you directly about our upcoming production of Peer Gynt.