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May-Brit Akerholt
Janet Alexander
Pat & Helen Alexander
Hellen Arestides
Matt Barclay
Amanda Blair
Mara Blazic
Fiona Chapman
Suzannah Clerc
Katherine Cochran
Keryn Curtis
Susie Dickson
Ruth Downes
Maria Dunn
Julie Enright
Maggy Franklin
Narelle French
Jennifer Fung
Peter Gal
Bruce Gardiner
Prue Gibbs
Alexandrina Gray
Cathy Gray
Toby and Judy Hammerman

Jill Herberte
Stephanie Hicks
Stephanie Holmes
Emma In der Maur
Judith Jacks
Gar Jones
Claudia Kennedy
Lois Knight
Kimball Knuckey
Bil Laschke
Richard Le Plastrier
Alison Lockhart
Ruby Logan
Meredith Lucy
Philip Manidis
Marianne Martinsen
Frances Miller
Inara Molinari
Belinda Montgomery
Lucy Moore
Anne Newman
Jan Orman
Sarah Penn
Raina Rabin

Monica Raven
Linda Raymond
Flor Reyna
Wayne Richmond
Kathleen Ryan
Sheila Ryan
Beth Shallvey
Karine Shellshear
Glenda Sladen
Caroline Slaytor
Emma Slaytor
Petrina Slaytor
Janet Smith
Michael Spicer
Bill Stewart
Ed Suttle
Mary Thomas
Geoff Webster
Helen Whiteread
Kathy Willoughby
Joe Wolfe
Beate Zanner

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1. Keep ticket prices affordable, so we are accessible to everyone.

2. Support the involvement of people with intellectual or physical disabilities, or mental health problems, who might otherwise be excluded or marginalised. See our Social Inclusion Program

3. Foster arts talents in Australia by enabling older, experienced mentors to pass on skills and knowledge to mentees who are earlier in their performing arts career. See our Mentoring Program

4. Offer paid gigs to professional musicians, singers and actors, who set the quality standards for our talented amateurs. See Get a gig

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