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We've completed the season of our cheeky double bill in Sydney, showcasing  Mozart's Classical rom-com 'Bastien and Bastienna' and J S Bach’s boisterous 'Coffee Cantata'.

Now we want to take this great show on the road ...to two more towns - Nabiac and Forster/Tuncurry - as part of our Bach to the Bush Tour. Of course, while the NSW Covid-19 lockdown has delayed our planned September 2021  date, we will get there when circumstances improve!  

If you can donate to help get us there, we would be thrilled (and you would have a tax deduction).

Big thanks from Endangered Productions!

Lovers reunited by the mysterious Dr Colas.
Father rant opt2
Toasting true love and Dr Freud.

Our major upcoming project


Peer Gynt - Norway Down Under 

Peer Gynt is an ambitious production which brings the play of Henrik Ibsen and music by Edvard Grieg together as Ibsen originally planned.

It is a retelling of the Norwegian folk tale about the notorious braggart poet in fantasy world of trolls and mythical creatures.  Modern audiences will find relevance in its themes of hubris, lies and fake news.

We have been developing and rehearsing this project for some time. Both the Nordic Noir and Bach to the Bush performances provide musical tasters of Peer Gynt.

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Endangered Productions mounts creative, contemporary interpretations of rarely-performed music theatre classics. We aim to provide an avenue for talented performers, technicians and creative minds of all ages to develop their skills in professional shows.    Learn more


ways to join the community

 We welcome all kinds of volunteers.There are opportunities for volunteers to learn and share skills our upcoming production of Peer Gynt.

♥  Suggest someone for our Social Inclusion Program. It provides creative opportunities for people who might otherwise be excluded or marginalised through disability or disadvantage.

 Become a mentor or mentee.  We particularly welcome skilled, creative, arts practitioners, perhaps retired, Super Citizens who are willing to act as mentors.

 Get a gig. Our productions provide work opportunities for professional musicians, singers, and actors.


We love sponsors!

By becoming a private or corporate sponsor you will contribute to the creation of quality, accessible music theatre in Sydney.

Contact us and we will get back to you directly about our upcoming production of Peer Gynt.


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Endangered Productions creates inclusive musical events with voices, instruments and heart.

The team's past productions include:

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