In our last major production we time-travelled back to last Century and our brave audience came with us!  

Audiences were enthusiastic about our most recent production 'It's So Last Century' - a tribute to works from the mid 20th-Century. It was an entertaining reimagining of four fabulous operas that have never been, or are rarely performed, in Australia.

Gian Carlo Menotti's wrote the words and music for 'The Telephone', the lyrics for 'A Hand of Bridge' (music by Samuel Barber) and for 'Introductions and Goodbyes' (music by Lukas Foss) in the '40s, '50s and '60s. Carl Orff wrote 'Die Kluge' ('The Clever One') in the 1940's.

The production, which ran 17-19 November 2024, comprised 10 singers, 16 musicians at the Australian Chamber Orchestra Orchestra venue, The Neilson, Pier 2/3, Dawes Point.

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Peer Gynt 

Our previous show in 2023, Peer Gynt, was a triumph. It was a contemporary interpretation of a rarely-performed music theatre classic. For the first time in decades the libretto by Henrik Ibsen and the much-loved music by Edvard Greig were performed together as originally planned. It was a rollicking saga that followed the fortunes (see photos below) of the feckless Peer - a Norwegian folk hero.    Learn more about our Peer Gynt performance

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