Coro Austral chorus in Peer Gynt

Endangered Productions is delighted to have Coro Austral chamber choir performing the incidental music in Peer Gynt. Their core repertoire of Spanish, Portuguese and Latin American music ranges across Classical works, old and modern, as well as popular, contemporary and folkloric traditions. In addition to their wonderful voices, they bring their versatility in language and performance to our production. 



Coro Austral is a Sydney-based auditioned chamber choir under the direction of Founding Artistic Director Margot McLaughlin. It has a repertoire of Spanish, Portuguese and Latin American music, ranging across all the well-known "Western mainstream classical" forms from the 13th century to the present, including Latin American Baroque, as well as music from other traditions such as Catalan and Basque, choral tango, Andean folkloric, Sephardic, contemporary Chilean, and arrangements of classic Cuban songs. Coro Austral's repetoire is accessible to both Hispanic and English-speaking audiences. They perform regularly.

Coro Austral performs in various combinations of voices, according to the works chosen, and are always interested in hearing from anyone interested in singing with them. Contact Administrator, David Goodwin here.

Their first concert in 2022 featured the Australian Premiere of Argentinian composer Martin Palmeri's MISATANGO (Misa a Buenos Aires), a popular work in Europe and South America that has never been performed in Australia. It combines the Roman Catholic Latin mass with music of the tango in the tango nuevo genre, made famous by Astor Piazzolla. They will also participation in the 5th Australian Jewish Choral Festival in June and the Blackheath Choir Festival in August.

In November/December 2017 Coro Austral undertook a performance tour through Cuba which included workshops with professional choirs as well as dance and percussion workshops, culminating in participation in the International Festival of Choirs – Santiago de Cuba, one of the longest standing and most prestigious events in the choral calendar.

As well as presenting regular concerts, Coro Austral has performed as a guest choir at Australian Jewish Choral Festivals and has been a regular participant in Blackheath Choir Festivals. It regularly participates in Advent and Easter services at St Augustine’s Church, Balmain, and St Joseph’s Church, Rozelle.

Photo: Michelle Goodwin