Post card from New Hampshire

While we were working on our own performance of Mozart's Bastien and Bastienna, another small opera company in the US filmed and presented its own unique version of online during lockdown.

We contacted the Raylynmor Opera, which is from a remote region of New Hampshire in the US - a place called Monadnock. This is what artistic director Ben Robinson wrote:

"We had been planning on staging 'Bastien and Bastienne' prior to the lockdown, but then we shifted gears and decided to proceed with a video production that acknowledged the video interaction that we have all (suffered) gotten used to over the past 14 months....

We feel like the piece deserves more outings, so we're thrilled to hear you are doing it."

Raylynmor Opera's production can be viewed on Youtube here. Below are some stills of the principal performers as Bastien, Bastienna and Dr Colas.

Endangered Productions was so lucky to be able to present our translation of Mozart's opera to live audiences in a Covid-safe cabaret-style setting in the Barnet Long Room in Customs House in July 2021!