Endangered Productions is proud to be working with composer and lyricist, Mike Lotzof, in bringing to the stage his exciting new musical, DreamRunners. 

World Premiere

7 pm - 26 and 27 April, 2023

DreamRunners uses the power and magic of music and theatre to tell the universal stories of the search for identity, meaning and purpose. It could be set anywhere and with the enchantment only possible through live theatre, transport you to join our characters on their journeys.

The story is told through 31 original songs, fusing multiple musical elements, into a spellbinding two hours. The music will take you on a roller coaster from drama to humour, suspense and sheer joy, interwoven with the magic of love and fantasy.

You will leave humming.

DreamRunners Musical Poster
Music shines with raw energy ☆☆☆☆☆
Prepare for the spectacular ☆☆☆☆☆

The performance is in the form of a workshopped recital. It will be the culmination of two years of creation and the work of professional collaborators.

It will be performed by a cast of 14 professional singers who will have workshopped and rehearsed for two weeks.

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