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it's so last Century show - nov 2023

Introductions and goodbyes

Lukas Foss' take on Modernism. A miniature opera with a demanding solo for its lead who plays a hapless host.

it's so last Century show - nov 2023

A hand of Bridge

A Modernist gem. Four bridge players sing their secrets thoughts and desires without the others hearing. Composed by Samuel Barber, libretto by Gian Carlo Menotti.

it's so last Century show - nov 2023

the telephone

A Modernist mini opera written and composed by Gian Carlo Menotti. Ben is trying to propose to Lucy who won't get off her telephone.

it's so last Century show - nov 2023

Die Kluge

An opera based on a Grimms fairy tale about a clever peasant girl and how she wins the heart of a foolish king. A modernist piece by Carl Orff.

Show in June-July 2022

Peer gynt, part 1

See the fabulous first act where young Peer shakes of responsibility and embarks on his roistering life by kidnapping a bride and meeting mountain trolls.

show in June-July 2022

Peer gynt, part 2

Peer gets older but no wiser. He swindles and is swindled. He seduces and is seduced. He makes and loses a fortune. He is shipwrecked and meets mysterious strangers who tell his fate.

act 2 'double trouble' show - June 2021

Coffee Cantata

J S Bach's Coffee Cantata was the first part of the comic double bill along with Mozart's first opera, Bastien and Bastienna.

Act 1 'double trouble' show - June 2021

Bastien and Bastienna

Mozart's first opera Bastien and Bastienna was the first part of the comic double bill with J S Bach's Coffee Cantata.

Beggar's opera, trial by jury, nordic noir

a medley of four productions

View highlights from the wonderful Beggar's Opera, Trial by Jury, Nordic Noir and Peer Gynt performances.

Visit to Bobin - part of our Bach to the Bush tour

the coffee cantata

View highlights from the wonderful 2021 performance of the Coffee Cantata.

Sydney Nov 2020, march 2021

nordic noir

View highlights from Nordic Noir our Norwegian double bill featuring a premier of the play Virus a Fugue an highlights from the forthcoming major project Peer Gynt.

the beggar's opera

Full showreel

View highlights from the highly-acclaimed 2016 performance of The Beggar’s Opera. (25 mins)

the beggar's opera

Pre-show music with stills

The orchestra played music before the The Beggar’s Opera Overture, including J.S.Bach, Handel and Telemann (all contemporaries of John Gay). Stills show performers, musicians, mentors and crew.

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