Endangered Productions completed its last big performance in November 2023. We are again developing a new major production but we are keeping it under wraps for the moment. Although we can give you a hint ...

Stravinsky's 'the soldier's tale'

This hour-long 1918 theatrical work to be "read, played and danced" by three actors tells the story of a soldier who trades his violin to the Devil in return for riches.  It's artistcally challenging, musically interesting and a rarely-performed gem.

It is just the sort of thing Endangered Productions likes!

Watch this space!

ways to join our community

We welcome all kinds of volunteers. There are opportunities for volunteers to learn and share skills in our productions.

Suggest someone for our Social Inclusion Program. It provides creative opportunities for people who might otherwise be excluded or marginalised through disability or disadvantage.

Become a mentor or mentee.  We particularly welcome skilled, creative, arts practitioners, perhaps retired, Super Citizens who are willing to act as mentors.

Get a paid gig. Our productions provide work opportunities for professional musicians, singers, and actors.