Four Centuries of masterpieces!

From Bach's coffee house in 1734 (Coffee Cantata) to Norway in 2020 (Virus - A Fugue), from John Gay's opera in 1720's to Manhattan in the 1960's (It's So Last Century!we love what we do!

We set high standards, respect the creator's original intent and have fun along the way.

It's So Last Century!

Audiences were enthusiastic about this production in November 2024. It was a tribute to four fabulous mid-20th-Century operas and an entertaining reimagining of rarely-performed works: Gian Carlo Menotti's 'The Telephone'; 'A Hand of Bridge' (lyrics by Menotti, music by Samuel Barber); 'Introductions and Goodbyes' (lyrics by Menotti, music by Lukas Foss); and 'Die Kluge' (by Carl Orff). The production comprised 10 singers, 15 musicians at the wonderful Australian Chamber Orchestra Orchestra venue, Pier 2/3, Dawes Point. Bravo!

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Peer Gynt

Our major production played to capacity houses over four nights in July 2022. The production included professional and amateur talent in a cast of 16, orchestra of 36 and a choir of 12. It was an astonishing retelling of the Norwegian saga about Peer's travels on three continents. It mixed the mythic, the existential and the real in a blend of drama, humour and theatrical sleight of hand - including a band of trolls in the mountains and a shipwreck. Amazing!

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Double trouble

Endangered Productions played to packed houses in Sydney in early 2021. The program highlighted JS Bach's  'Coffee Cantata' and 'Bastien and Bastienna', which was written by Mozart when he was 12 years old. This program will also be part of the 'Bach to the Bush' tour to rural NSW.

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Bach to Bobin

Seventeen months after the tiny town of Bobin lost most of its homes and its school to bushfires, Endangered Productions was thrilled to present the 'Coffee Cantata' for the community in the School of Arts hall that had been miraculously saved. It was the first performance of the 'Bach to the Bush' tour to rural NSW.

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Nordic Noir

This double bill tribute to all things Norwegian played to 11 sell out houses in late 2020 and early 2021. The production comprised a world premiere play 'Virus - A Fugue' by Norwegian playwright, Fredrik Brattberg and excerpts from our forthcoming production of Peer Gynt.

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Virus - A Fugue

The world premiere of this one-act play by Norwegian playwright, Fredrik Brattberg caused audiences to laugh and gasp in delight and astonishment. It wittily explores the risk of fear and misinformation in a time of crisis through a clever conceit involving actors, a musical ensemble and hand and shadow puppets as well as huge parade 'gigantes' figures.

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the beggar's opera

This exciting production of John Gay’s 1728 English opera respected his original vision using new musical arrangements and revised dialogue.

Over 40 performers and musicians entertained audiences of all ages across 8 performances.

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The yeomen of the guard

This production for FAMS Theatre Company was the genesis of Endangered Productions.

Audiences familiar with the topsy turvy world of Gilbert and Sullivan were introduced to the lush, operatic score of Arthur Sullivan and a darker, unusually dramatic libretto by W. S. Gilbert.

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Trial by Jury

The Loosely Woven troupe gave 12 performances of Gilbert and Sullivan's operetta to full or over-flowing houses around NSW.

Four performances took place in historic courthouses with a wood-panelled bench, dock, and jury box - much to the delight of audiences who tapped into the legal "vibe". They had a rollicking reception at the National Folk Festival in Canberra.

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what makes us different

Seasoned professionals bring energy and knowhow.


We perform neglected gems from any era. Our productions are respectful interpretations of the creator’s original intention with an eye to contemporary relevance.

We set the highest standards and will engage professional actors and musicians to complement our talented amateurs.

Our past success proves our productions are accessible and enjoyable for modern audiences.

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Newcomers and stalwarts work together


Volunteers are welcome to assist in the numerous tasks necessary to mount our productions, including marketing, administration, social media, stage management, sets and costumes.

Our Social Inclusion Program also offers creative opportunities for people with intellectual or physical disabilities, mental health problems or who are socially isolated. You can be part of our valuable community.

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Skill sharing

One of our aims is to pass on skills from experienced mentors to  new performers and behind-the-scenes helpers - mentees. We have the veteran talent in performance, stage craft, music, dance, and arts administration in our team.

Our past productions  saw talented singers with little acting experience become assured, convincing on-stage characters.

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like to be involved in future productions?

We welcome all kinds of volunteers. There are opportunities for volunteers to learn and share skills our upcoming production of Peer Gynt.

Suggest someone for our Social Inclusion Program. It provides creative opportunities for people who might otherwise be excluded or marginalised through disability or disadvantage.

Become a mentor or mentee.  We particularly welcome skilled, creative, arts practitioners, perhaps retired, Super Citizens who are willing to act as mentors.

Get a paid gig. Our productions provide work opportunities for professional musicians, singers, and actors.