For people who don’t fit into boxes

Endangered Productions values individual diversity. In our Social Inclusion Program we provide creative opportunities for people who might otherwise be excluded or marginalised. Our live theatre productions provide a welcoming community for people with intellectual or physical disabilities, mental health problems or who are socially isolated.

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There are a variety of ways people can contribute. Some ways people can be involved include:

  • Helping create sets, props or costumes
  • Photography – particularly rehearsal photos
  • Marking up sets, getting props organised
  • Production assistance
  • Acting as audience – productions often involve audience engagement
  • Observing and enjoying the rehearsal process
  • Supper preparation – food and drink are vital elements at all rehearsals.
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For our forthcoming production of Peer Gynt, we aim to fund a dedicated social inclusion facilitator to develop creative pathways for each volunteer based on their specific skills, abilities and interests. Several of the Endangered Productions’ team, who have worked professionally with people who are socially marginalised, will also help these volunteers develop their capabilities.

other ways to join the community

We welcome all kinds of volunteers. There are opportunities for volunteers to learn and share skills our upcoming production of Peer Gynt.

Become a mentor or mentee.  We particularly welcome skilled, creative, arts practitioners (perhaps retired, Super Citizens) who are willing to act as mentors. We also welcome mentees who wish to benefit from the skills and experience of others.

Get a paid gig. Our productions provide work opportunities for professional musicians, singers, and actors.

We love sponsors!

By becoming a private or corporate sponsor you will contribute to the creation of quality, accessible music theatre in Sydney.

Contact us and we will get back to you directly about our upcoming production of Peer Gynt.